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SCAT stands for “Safety Center for Analytical Technology”. The company was formed, in order to protect workers in analytical laboratories from harmful materials in the operating environment.

The impetus for this came from the firm requirements of a large German chemicals company. The concentration of harmful materials in a particular laboratory working with organic solvents was too high and, initially, actually demanded some fundamental alterations, which would have required a large financial investment, as well as an interruption in laboratory work. SCAT Europe came up with a safety concept which made these measures unnecessary.


A new location since June 2020: SCAT’s headquarters is located near Frankfurt International Airport. Click here for directions and contact information.

Using SCAT Safety Caps, it was possible to reduce emissions quite dramatically, and therefore other changes did not need to be made. The laboratory was able carry on operating with hardly any disturbance, for the entire time. The company was thereby able to save themselves a high six-figure sum.

This success was the starting gun for us. Since then, we have helped countless companies in the whole of Europe to save money, and, first and foremost, to protect their employees from harmful substances and their effects.

We are continually designing new products, in order to create the best solution for every – often very specific – demand. We preside more than 1,600 products based on in-house R&D, all of which serve to ensure for a safe handling  of liquids that are potentially harmful to health, and which attest to our ability and competence.

Our experience in the field of instrumental analysis, collected over the course of more than 20 years, enables us to competently advise on, and answer, all questions regarding safety and the proper handling of hazardous materials.


In-house Production: With high-precision CNC machinery, ultrasonic welding, and using a range of other production technologies, we manufacture everything directly in Mörfelden-Walldorf. 100% Made in Germany – this is our Quality Promise.


Precision and Quality: Thanks also to the range of modern machinery at our disposal, our specialists always have the right means to hand for fabrication, using any material. We only use the best high-performance plastics, to ensure for maxium safety when working with chemicals.


Worldwide Logisitics: Our partners and customers, the world over, are supplied directly from Mörfelden-Walldorf. Stocking, production and development are all located at one single location: this leads to short reaction times and fast operations.

Association memberships

SCAT Europe is a member of EGNATON e.V., European Society for Sustainable Laboratory Technologies and SEFA®, Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association.


EGNATON – The European Society for Sustainable Laboratory Technologies has specialized in creating a global leadership position for the German-European market for laboratory technologies. EGNATON Website


SEFA® – SEFA’s members work closely with laboratory owners, architects, contractors and others to advance the goal of creating a safe and sustainable lab environment. SEFA Website / Certificates: SEFA 3 & 8

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